The Club has now re-opened as of Saturday 4th July

The Club has re-opened Strictly observing the Government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.

It is every individual’s personal choice whether or not they choose to enter our premises or of course any other premises. Should YOU choose to enter as you might expect there will be significant differences in the way we now do things in a variety of areas in accordance with the guidance. 

More specific details of these will be published here as soon as is possible. They will also be recorded in the Club.

You are advised that, for the time being:

· The Club will be open for MEMBERS (and partners who are non-members) and AFFILIATED MEMBERS ONLY. 

   NO GUESTS/VISITORS will be permitted.

· All Members are required to use their Club Card to gain entry. This allows us to maintain full and accurate attendance       records to assist the NHS Track and Trace system.

· Any Member (or partner entering with a Member or any Affiliated Member) not gaining entry to the Club in the

  manner described above will be required to record their full contact details with our Bar Staff. 

  Non-compliance will mean no service.

· Everyone will be obliged to sanitise their hands before entering the Club. We will provide a touchless Sanitising 

  Station outside of the front doors for this purpose. We will also provide touchless sanitisation in various other parts

   of the premises.  You might of course wish to use your own personal hand sanitising product(s).

· Compliance with Social Distancing (2 metres, or 1 metre with risk mitigation where 2 metres is not viable) will be     compulsory.  In order to assist you we will provide, where possible, clear markings and signage. Non-compliance

 again will mean no service.

· Members will be required to remain seated, whilst observing social distancing protocols, as much as is possible whilst on the premises.

· You are advised that there may be instances where, in order that we are able to continue to comply with Social Distancing, you might not be permitted entry until such a time as the capacity inside the premises is appropriately reduced.

· Members children will be allowed access (their details will also need to be recorded at the bar). Members with children are reminded of their supervisory and social distancing responsibilities. Children will NOT be allowed at the Bar or in the vicinity of the Bar. Non-compliance will mean no service and such members and their children will be required to leave the Club.

· Unfortunately, we are not currently allowed to provide Live Entertainment. However, we will be showing our usual selection of Sporting events. Please be aware that the volume of these broadcasts has to be kept to a minimum.

· You are not obliged to wear face coverings, but it is acceptable to us should you choose to or if you choose to wear other forms of PPE.

We hope that you will bear with us during these times, which will be as much a learning curve for us as they will be for you. Rest assured, in line with the Government’s aim, we are taking as many steps as is possible to open and maintain our workplace safely, whilst minimising the spread of Covid-19.

We look forward to seeing you, at an acceptable social distance, soon.

                                                     A full copy of the Government Guidance is available at: